Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Double down into awesome

Ever since the announcement of the KFC Double Down I knew I had to try one. As it garnered attention and ridicule from what seemed like everyone, my hunger for it grew. With little in the house to eat and some drinking ahead, the time has come

Look it in all its glory

How do you not want one? Let's take a bite, shall we...

Yum yum yum yum yum! A taste explosion in my mouth. Maybe a bit salty but that goes away with each bite. The Double Down is really good. Hate all you want but don't put it down until you try it.

It is a bit difficult to eat with the wrapper. You need to get it positioned correctly as you devour it. And yes, you will devour it.

Now the only test left is how well it can take a night of beers on top of it.


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TripJax said...

Is it really 6.99 by itself? Or is that a meal with a side and drin? I'm confused by the signs that say Double Down 6.99.

StB said...

It was $6.99 for the combo meal. I think the sandwich itself is $4.99.