Sunday, May 23, 2010

Camping kick off

Just spent the weekend camping at Bong. It was the relief I not only was looking for but sorely needed. We all need to be able to get away from it all. To go spend time with friends. To have fun and make ridiculous comments.

Like stating "I have always wanted a midget wrestler for a pet." I probably said it because of a reality show starting next month featuring midget wrestlers. And the comment is a joke. A midget wrestler would kick my ass. I have nothing but respect for the little guys.

The weather was pretty good too. On Friday it rained before we hit the highway but once we got down to Bong and set up it was pretty mild the rest of the night. Because of the rain we had the Jack & Coke flowing so it was bound to end well.

Saturday and Sunday were even better. Sunny and quite warm. Though it was only in the mid 70s, any time spent in the sun soon had you running for shade. And the beer cooler.

I am happy I didn't get much sunburn as well. I could feel the heat on my arms once the sun set but I didn't realize how pink my legs were until the next morning. Pink but no pain. That is the kind of sun I like.

Ironically one of the best things about camping is the shower when you get home. Unlike my fellow campers, I don't feel the need to wash up on Saturday. I usually take a washcloth, towel and soap but mainly to wash my face. One day without showing ain't going to suddenly make me smell like a load of garbage. Heck, within hours of taking a shower everyone ends up smelling of campfire smoke it becomes a relatively useless gesture. Just my opinion.

It is 3 weeks until we return. 3 weeks until the Econo Lodge is erected again. 3 weeks to remember to pack the foot stool so I don't hurt my testicles while cooking pudgy pies. And 3 weeks to create new "massive brain" comments to torture my friends.

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