Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Another tale of grass cutting

I decided not to mow the lawn last night after looking at the weather forecast. It was supposed to be cooler and less humid today. That has changed. It may not be as warm and humid as compared to yesterday, but it won't be as cool as weather.com said last night.


I wonder if the city will leave me a nice note fine today because my grass needs to be mowed. They better not.

Hell, I still need to get my ma's backyard done. That hasn't been cut yet this year. I dread cutting that backyard at times.

The real problem there is how the block was designed. Simply put the planner fucked it up.

My mom's house is on the end of the block. The block slopes downward. Whenever it rains, the water that is soaked into the ground flows down hill and ends up in her yard. Standing water after a major storm in the norm.

I refuse to mow a wet lawn. It either clogs the cutter or rips the grass right out. Either way it is a mess I don't want to deal with.

The weather looks good for me to attack it this weekend. If the forecast changes and it rains I may just go by me some goats and let them loose.

1 comment:

AletaR said...

Your massive brain should allow you to re-design that backyard to make mowing easier for you.
You probably should cut your grass before the nosey neighbor from last year reports you again. It's still a little early in the year so you might get by with it until after Memorial Day.