Tuesday, May 04, 2010

The college band-aid incident

I made my quarterly blood donation today. I have the bandage on my arm to prove it. I also have the little band-aid on my finger where they prick it to test your hemoglobin. It is the little band-aid that had me chuckling when I sat down to eat my lunch. Today was sloppy joe day which meant picking up the sandwich to eat. This made me think of an incident in college that had me laughing.
Like most college kids, once you came of age you learned where happy hour was. More importantly, you learned which bars had free food during happy hour. Up at Oshkosh there weren’t too many. The bars right off of campus didn’t have free food during happy hour. That would be a mob scene. Instead you had to either go downtown or out to Hwy 41 to find a place. A hotel bar was good for sub sandwiches but they began to frown on us showing up, getting a beer and chowing down. Plus someone had to drive out there and only one of us had a car.
The place of choice for my gang was the bar with Taco Tuesdays. I think it might have been the B&B. Anyways, every Tuesday we would get out of class and head to this bar. It was about a 6 block walk which helped stoke the appetite. When we would get there we’d buy a pitcher of beer and feast on tacos. This bar began to frown a bit on us as well. At first they would have a slew of taco shells out and it was help yourself. We started having our own taco eating contests between us. I guess ownership didn’t like that because he would devastate their taco bar and usually buy just one pitcher. Soon they made sure we bought more than one pitcher. Then they would put out like only 10 shells every 15 minutes. As far as I know I still own the record with 12 tacos in our group.
We slowly stopped coming when the games began but not after one incident. One day I had a band-aid on my finger just like I do today. Maybe I had given blood, maybe a paper cut, I don’t recall. What I do remember is going to town on tacos, just chowing down. Next thing I know, the band-aid is gone! I look at the plate, it isn’t there. I check the table, the ground, no band-aid. I mention this to my friends and one of them exclaimed “I saw you had a band-aid on. Its gone now. You must have ate it!” With that they started laughing their asses off. I did too. The only logical explanation was that I did in the process of eating a taco, managed to peel off the band-aid in a bite and ate it along with the food.
So with sloppy joe day on, I had to be careful. Band-aid is still on the finger.

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