Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Beer talk

It is a beautiful day in Milwaukee. 80 degrees and sunny by the lake. Through the magic of wireless I am sitting on my porch pecking away at the laptop drinking beer. I left the work laptop at the office because that is where it deserves to be on a day like this. Doesn't matter that I am behind on a task, it is just too nice to be working.

I had to get some beer to enjoy with this weather. I already knew what I had in mind. This weekend I watched the documentary Beer Wars. I loved it. Sure a good part of it was the Anheuser Busch bashing that took place. Being a Milwaukee guy who grew up drinking Miller product, any bashing of Bud product is good to me. But I drink more than Miller nowadays. From the time of doing some homebrewing to discovering a great beer pub in Romans, I have expanded my tastes. Sure I still drink a good amount of Miller but as past posts show, I love me some good beer with lots of flavor. Hell, I like to claim I have favorite beers from different parts of the country. West coast is Rogue. East coast is Flying Dog. Midwest is Tyranena. I haven't found me a kick ass beer for the south or southwest yet. Please give me some suggestions.

But back to Beer Wars. I was impressed with the guy who founded Dogfish Head beer. I admired his passion to make a beer that was good. He is a beer drinkers beer maker. To me his goal is to make a beer that is different and tastes good. Not messed up different, but a traditional beer that is full bodied and makes you want more. After watching the movie I knew I had to get me some Dogfish Head beer and support the company. I had seen some at Berts down the street and with the weather being what it is, I made an easy decision on the way home.

I picked up a sixpack of the Dogfish Head 60 Minute IPA. I am not a hop head. I rather go for something darker. To me it is the malting not the hopping. But warm days call for a hoppy beer. But not too hoppy for my tastes. Simply put the 60 Min IPA hits the spot. It has the amount of bitterness that I like. I can feel the warmth make it dissipate as I drink.

I have had the Dogfish Head Red and White as well. That brew will knock you on your ass. Now I have to wait for the beer bar to tap the Worldwide Stout before I can try another beer by this great brewery.

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Drizztdj said...

DogFish 90 minute IPA is my favorite beer hands down.

Despite being ga-ga for Surly, that DogFish is pure bliss.