Friday, May 07, 2010

Friday dream

Let's see if I can recall this crazy dream. I was standing by a slot machine in Vegas. There were multiple games on it but the one that jumped out was the game for country singer George Jones. When his game came on the machine would not only make noise as his song came out of the speakers but the machine would move back and forth and turn in a circle as if it were dancing. For whatever reason I felt like I had to play this machine. I wasn't moving from it but I also needed to find my friends to figure out what we were doing. When they finally came over to talk to me I said we should stay a while and play here. They were fine with that. I reached into my pants and realized I didn't have any money.* Someone offered to float me a loan cuz the ATM fees were huge. I mentioned that my bank would reimburse me so it didn't matter. I saw an ATM sign and went to get some money.

When I got to the AMT I noticed it was a combination of an arcade game and an ATM. You had to choose which one you wanted. Though I pressed the ATM button and slid my card through the slot, it went into video game mode. Not sure what to do I played the game. The game featured Speed Racer. But he wasn't driving the Mach 5; he was on a motorcycle. I guess I learned in my dream that Speed Racer can't drive a motorcycle for shit cuz he kept crashing. Ok, I guess I kept crashing Speed but the game was near impossible. You had to look through this goggle like device that was mounted on the machine. Kind of like the old BattleZone tank game. You could steer the motorcycle for a couple of minutes and get through some traffic but then a line of police cars would be blocking the road. I didn't know how to get by the cop cars. Every time I crashed I lost a life. When I lost the last life crashing into the cop cars, they beat up my Speed Racer character. Then the machine spat out $150- all in $5 bills- and two receipts. I checked to see what the receipts were for. One was for the withdrawal showing a $13 fee and the other was for the game. It cost me $10 to play that miserable game.

As I went back to join my friends, I noticed that I was wearing an old gray bathrobe and slippers now. Funny since I never wear either. In my pocket I had my money and in the other pocket was a bottle of tequila and margarita mix. Both of the pockets were bulging out making me look like a pregnant dude. I didn't care because I was on a mission to find cup to pour the margaritas in. I passed a newsstand that had cups but they wouldn't give me one. Wanted me to pay $5 for the cup. I told them no way and went to the subway to find old cups.

That is when I woke up.

*Technically I would say that going to Vegas without any money turns this from a weird dream to a nightmare.

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