Saturday, May 01, 2010

Taking inventory

Oh Johnsonville, you have let me down. Your breakfast sausage patties have no flavor. I will need to break out the Frank's Red Hot make my meal enjoyable. Hell, I put that shit on everything.

Which makes me wonder... who the hell at Frank's Red Hot thought up the idea of some grandmotherly woman claiming "I put that shit on everything!" in the Red Hot radio commercials? Strange but do you want to refer to your product as shit?

I spent the morning going through clothes and taking inventory of what I would be donating to charity. Some people say donating old underwear still isn't right but I disagree. Someone can find a use for some old tighty whiteys. I think I am wrong for donating only 3 socks. Yes, one sock does not have a match. I'd pull it out of the box and use it as a rag for around the house but I think there is a one footed man who will be happy.

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