Sunday, May 02, 2010

Trim tilt

I don't know if the NBC show Minute to Win It is still on. People perform in silly contests that must be completed within 1 minute. I thought it was a dumb concept that was pretty boring. If there was a contest for number of F-bombs one can drop in a a minute, then I would have been a millionaire. I exclaimed FUCK so many times yesterday afternoon that the words are still reverberating off the walls of the house.

It started with good intentions. I needed to get finish the lawn cutting process by getting out the weed whacker and doing the trimming. I went to the shed and found the weed whacker but quickly noticed the spindle with the line was not attached. I quickly recalled bringing the spindle into the house last year at the end of the season. I needed to wind new trim line on it and figured I could get it done over the winter months. Of course that didn't happen.

What did happen was I lost the spool of trimming line. I thought both of them would be on the table. Everything seems to end up on this table. It has books, mail, hats, tools, and a dopey figurine like thing on it. I quickly found the spindle but couldn't find the line.

That is when the F-bombs started. I moved everything around and couldn't find the line. Fuck! I checked again, thinking I missed it. Nope. Fuck! Maybe I moved the line to one of the drawers in the breakfast nook. Not here. Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! (one fuck for each drawer I looked in). I looked in the living room. Not likely to be there but have to check. Fuck, fuck, fuck! Back to the drawers once again. Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Over by the old computer desk? Not there. Fuck! On top of the refrigerator? Fuck!

I spent 10 minutes walking around swearing. It was official. I was on weed whacker tilt! This kind of thing happens to me on occasion. I have a minor task to complete but wait until a later date to begin it. I then put the tools/supplies/whatever it a specific spot so I can easily find it later. Easily find it. Yeah, right. I end up tearing the house apart for nothing.

So I am walking circles in my house saying Fuck! with each step now. Easily would have won a contest for swearing right then and there. I even went back to the shed to see if the line was in there. Fuck!

I was done. About to give up as I grabbed my keys and was going to mow the lawn at my mothers house. I then thought about the other room. I should check a box in there. Either I or the cleaning lady (I should be ashamed as I try to lay fault on someone else) may have moved it. Success! I found it!

I instantly relaxed. I was ready to go cut the grass so I wasn't about to mess with the trim line any more. But soon I would be on beer tilt when I passed a bar with about 2 dozen people drinking outside. See, people in Milwaukee love to drink. The only thing the like better than drinking is the ability to drink outside. But that is a different story.

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