Wednesday, May 19, 2010

While drinking... Another round please

Ever since I made the first compilation of drinking songs back in March of 2007, I began collecting songs for the follow up disc. There were a couple of songs I missed. Honestly, I was slightly embarrassed to have not included them on the disc. So I knew I had to rectify the situation.

Most of the music is from a couple years back. There are only a couple songs that relatively new. It shouldn't have taken this long to crank out another disc.

Actually, this is what I was doing on Saturday when my tenants fouled my mood.

I have 14 tracks at this time. One may go as it is loose on the theme of drinking. Another is a bit dark and more of an interpretation as to what I think the meaning of the song is. Yet another tune is a repeat of a song on disc one but with different words by a different artist who also had a song on that first disc.

There is metal, country, ska, rap, more metal, and good old fashioned rock. I have a blues song in mind and may add a second country tune. Artists include Hellyeah, Reel Big Fish, Thorogood, and Van Halen.

Just like last time I would love some new ideas. Two great songs made the disc from your ideas (thanks Kat!). So please leave them in the comments. All ideas are considered unless it is Nickelback or Nirvana. So hit it!


Grange95 said...

"Drinkin' My Baby Goodbye"--Charlie Daniels Band

Catchy lyrics, good fiddlin', good reason to drink.

AletaR said...

I have to agree with the Charlie Daniels tune. Good song.