Saturday, May 29, 2010

While Drinking... Bartender, Can I Get Another Round?

As I mentioned the other day, I began collecting songs right after creating the first CD. There were a couple songs that people suggested right after I burned a couple discs. I will probably be given some suggestions after this one too.

My goal was to grab tunes from different genres. I was able to do that on the first disc so I wanted to do it again on the second. We are spanning the spectrum once again. Rock, metal, ska, blues/jazz, country, and punk.

Putting this together was fun. I had about a dozen songs in mind when I started. I had only one blues song in mind when I started. But after doing a search on the internet I was able to find some tunes that were better. One of them, Drunk, is a catchy tune that I absolutely love.

It was during the searches that I found a couple other catchy tunes that made me laugh. Dropkick Murphys and Cadillac Jack Dupree should have you smiling as you lift your drink.

One of the other things I decided was to present the songs below. The videos are a mash of artist and user creations. Some of the videos are well done while others are complete jokes. Feel free to laugh at them. I did.

So I present to you, While Drnking... Bartender, Can I Get Another Round?

Take Your Whisky Home by Van Halen- This may be my favorite Van Halen song. A smooth intro to kick it all off.

Alcohaulin' Ass by HELLYEAH- When I first heard this song, it reminded me of the Jackyl tune, The Secret of the Bottle. A nice metal tune that is bluesy and ramps up to get the point across.

Alcohol by Brad Paisley- This was the first song someone suggested to me when I finalized the first disc. It is actually the impetus for creating a second collection of songs. The video below is funny. Great use of stick figures, bad use of maps. Seriously, that isn't Milwaukee. And he has wrong Lynchburg. Dude, do you know how to read a map?

Beer by Reel Big Fish- I first heard this one a couple weeks ago. It is featured in the documentary Beer Wars. Catchy tune. An easy choice.

Somebody Put Something in My Drink by the Ramones- I have always liked this song. When I started putting this disc together I was going to use a cover by Children of Bodom. But my soul told me it would be wrong to diss the Ramones so I went with the original.

Drunk by Jimmy Liggins- Your feet will be tapping and you will walk around singing this song. One of my favorites here.

If You Don't Start Drinkin', I'm Gonna Leave by George Thorogood- Some people don't like Thorogood, some do. The guy has some good drinking songs. How can I not include him in the mix?

Demon Alcohol by Ozzy Osbourne- Don't let people fool you. Alcohol is a good thing. It is those who demonize that that are. Except for Ozzy. He is allowed to.

I've Been Drinking 'bout You Baby by American Dog- The Dog makes another appearance. Like Thorogood, they like to sing about drinking. I had a choice of songs to include this year. I went with this one because I had the disc.

Sloppy Drunk Blues by Sonny Boy Williamson- Here is another catchy old timey bluesy/jazzy tune. "I rather be sloppy drunk..." After finding this tune I delved deeper into Sonny Boy's works. I ended spending an hour listening to old blues music. That was time well spent.

I Love This Bar by Sammy Hagar- Yes, a cover of the Toby Keith song that was on the first While Drinking... disc. But it isn't a straight cover. Sammy has his own lyrics. Sammy has guitars instead of twang. Sammy has a good time drinking his tequila.

Brass Monkey by the Beastie Boys- This is another song someone suggested right after I finished the first disc. This brought back memories or college.

The video here is hilarious and yet painful to watch. I really want to take all video cameras away from these kids and smash them to bits.

Drinkin' My Baby Goodbye by The Charlie Daniels Band- This one was suggested by Grange95. I was looking for another country tune to add but wanted to stay away from Cuervo and beer drinking horses. Grange95 is right. Catchy tune with some good lyrics.

Tattoos and Tequila by Vince Neil- Who hasn't used tequila to get someone naked?

White Knuckle Ride by Night Ranger- A song about falling off the wagon. At least that is what I am getting out of this. I like the guitars wailing away in the chorus.

Drunk Again by Champion Jack Dupree- This is actually a remake made in 1971 of the original. I liked it better than the old version. The spoken word section is hilarious. "The Devil can buy his own drinks..."

Too Drunk to Fuck by Buckcherry- Hmm... didn't I have a song by this title last year as well? No it is not a personal problem. Buckcherry had a nice comeback here and hits one out of the ballpark with this drinking song.

Kiss Me, I'm Shitfaced by Dropkick Murphys- So it is a little blue, but it is entertaining. Plus it has bagpipes. Bagpipes!!!

Closing Time by Semisonic- At first I didn't want to include it. Yes, it is possibly the most well known bar closing song. But it didn't feel right. But I finally broke down and realized it is a good closer.

There you have it. A couple years in the making. Enjoy it. I know I am.


Grange95 said...

Since you went to the trouble of adding my suggested song, I figured I would find a better video for you to post. Instead, I uncovered a travesty of a video so terrible it is hilarious. Check it out at the end of my blogpost from today (I don't want you to suffer from having the video directly connected to your fine, reputable blog!).

Fine selection of songs overall. I will be adding a couple to my iPod.

Anonymous said...

If you ever do a world music compilation please add The Dudes - Bliss.

angus, NZ