Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Damn pants

I woke up kinda grumpy this morning. Maybe it was the cat waking me up an hour before the alarm went off. Maybe it was having to get up early after sleeping in a couple days. Maybe it was having to put on pants.
I think that is the worst part of returning to work after a long weekend or a vacation. Having to put on pants.
Toss in a long sleeve shirt for work and I go from being comfortable and free to covered up and feeling suffocated. Give me shorts and a t-shirt during the summer, jeans and a t-shirt in the winter. That is all I’m asking for.
The best thing going for me is another short week. This Friday I am heading down to St. Louis to check out the Brewers at the new Busch stadium. It has been a year since the last baseball road trip. With a weekend series and a city not that far away- should be 6 hours of driving- it seemed like a good idea.
Plus, it gives me a chance to test my theory. Most Milwaukee Brewers fans will agree that close to all Chicago Cubs fans are assholes. Jackasses. Annoying bastards. They come to Miller Park and act obnoxious.
On the other hand, when the Cardinals come to town, a large number of their fans show up as well. But Cardinal fans are polite. They don’t get in your face. Sure they cheer their team on but they aren’t looking to stick it to ya. It is a different atmosphere.
So it should be interesting to go to St. Louis and see how they act down there. I would be shocked if it was different from when they come up north. Plus I need to taste this Schafly beer that Chilly keeps talking about.

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