Sunday, June 06, 2010


I had a good time in St. Louis this past weekend. When I go off to new places I notice the major differences between where I was and where I currently am. Here are some off the cuff differences I noticed between Milwaukee and St. Louis
  • Everyone wears flip flops- Really, they do. That is all I noticed at the game and at the bars. People wearing red shirts and making way too much noise when the walked.
  • No one works downtown. Or at least the part of downtown I was staying which was right across from the Edward Jones dome, home of the Rams. At 4pm there should be a shitload of people leaving and heading out for the weekend. Instead it was a ghost town. No people, no traffic. Strange.
  • People in St. Louis love their ranch dressing. If you got yourself a hot dog at Busch Stadium you had a choice of condiments. Ketchup, spicy mustard, honey mustard, and ranch dressing. I should have taken a picture of the blue vat of ranch dressing but the light sucks. Or is it the iPhone camera sucks?
  • They don't cut their pizza. Ok, this may not be true for everyone but we bought a pizza and they forgot to cut it.
  • Bartenders are lazy. Sure 8 beers for $18 is a good deal but face it, it meant the bartender didn't have keep working. Give you a shitload of beer and be gone with you!
  • Barenders are lazy Part II. Went into a bar and ordered 2 Miller Lites. Bartender said she only had one and would have to go to the bar to get some. I got a Boardwalk Wheat instead. Of course she didn't go and restock which would have been helpful when someone came up minutes later ordering Lite.
  • Bars are spread out. It is like there is a mandatory 8 block radius between bars. As if they have territorial rights. If I go into a bar and it sucks, I don't want to walk a mile to the next one.
  • People are nice. Well people in Milwaukee are nice too. But I would say 95% of Cardinal fans are cool people. We walked and talked to a lot of people during our two day stay. Only had one instance of dealing with an asshole.

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AletaR said...

Taking your flip flops camping?