Thursday, June 03, 2010

Heading out to the highway...

"So I'm heading out to the highway
I've got nothing to lose at all.
Gonna do it my way
Take a chance before I fall.
A chance, before, I fallllllllllllllllllll"
- Judas Priest

I should be on the road at this time tomorrow. I say should because my friend is always chronically late. I expect to get a call at 9 saying he is running behind and will be there by 9:30. Then he will show up at 9:45. It is what he does. It drives me nuts sometimes.

We are heading down to St. Louis for the Brewers/Cardinals Series. This is something we have always talked about but never actually did. So I did a quick look at the Brewers schedule a couple months ago and noticed this the Crew would be in St. Louis for a weekend series. A quick look on Mapquest confirmed it wasn't that long of a trip. Long meaning I would be sick of my friend before we even got into Missouri. I made a call and we decided to do it.

Of course it then took another month to actually book anything. Part of me was wondering if it was just talk again. But I pressed on and now it is happening.

As I mentioned the other day, I am curious to see how accommodating Cardinal fans are in their own stadium. I am expecting a fun time.

Plus we get the chance to check out a relatively new stadium and compare it to Miller Park. We will be catching Friday and Saturday's games. Watch for us on Saturday when the game is shown on Fox. We'll be in the left field box seats. I will probably be the only guy wearing blue in a sea of red.
For Friday's game we bought some nose bleed seats. Heck, we may even sit in them. Ha! Who am I kidding. We won't.

We like to buy general admission tickets and then walk around the stadium. We do this all the time at Miller Park so we figured we do the same at Busch. Check out the sight lines, the amenities, etc. See how a loyal baseball crowd in St. Louis enjoys their team. It should be a blast.

Let's Go Crew!

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James R said...

Everyone has a friend like that! Some people are simply NEVER on time no matter what the occasion!! Even when they try to be on time they're still late! Sounds like a great road trip you've got planned there - will definitely keep an eye out on Fox.