Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Good eats in the wilderness

"Let's go see what the poor people are eating."

That was a favorite comment of a late friend of mine. He loved to say it when we went camping. It was a simple reference to how well our group ate when we went away for a weekend.

See I had this conversation with a co-worker as I was trying to leave work today. She stops me and says to me "You've gone camping before, right. What do you usually eat?" That really isn't an easy answer I told her. I then delivered the line above.

I began to tell her what was on the menu for this weekend. When I mentioned BBQ chicken she asked where we were buying it from. She said we had to be buying it already cooked from some place. Nope. Someone is going to cook it that night.

I proceeded to mention the tacos, ribs, ham, beef roasts, pudgy pies, and the other good meals we had in the past. She kept giving me a look like I was making things up. I would then tell her how it was made and she slowly realized I wasn't pulling her leg.

Now I don't take credit for the cooking. Ben does a good amount of the cooking but everyone will chip in to make the meals well rounded. It's all about teamwork.

I asked where she was going camping. She said her daughter's girl scout troop was going out this weekend. Luckily for her they are staying in cabins and not tents. My advice to her was to make sure someone brings a Webber grill. It is silly for anyone to think they will be cooking over a campfire. That is tedious and won't work well for a bunch of girls.

I then taunted her by offering to send her the menu for this weekend. She simply mentioned that I was leaving and could go now.

That reminds me, I need to get some cheese for this weekend.

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Hey Jo said...

He actually got that comment from my grandpa. My grandpa would say it very much like Randy would. After a good meal. It is one of the things that I'll always remember about the two of them.