Thursday, June 10, 2010

Exhaustion ahead?

I have been quite busy the last couple of days. At work I feel like a public defender, advising my clients on court documents. At home I haggle with a plumber to fix leaks and pay him too much money. Somewhere in between all that I find time to relax and have a beer with friends.

I am good with that. That is the life I lead. I work to live; I don't live to work.

I like what I do and I like how I live. I just want a little more sleep during the week.

I probably won't get much sleep over the next couple of days. Happy hour is on the agenda for after work. Tomorrow kicks off a camping weekend. My fear is falling asleep at 9 next to the campfire, assuming the rain and heat hold off a night. I may get some sleep on Sunday when I come home and crash after cutting the grass.

But that exhausted feeling isn't one that would trade in for anything in the world.

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AletaR said...

Exhausted is a good feeling when you can share it with friends. So what if three of us are snoozing in front of the fire.