Thursday, June 24, 2010

It's music time

It was a muggy night at the ballpark. Thankfully the Brewers didn’t let those sweating in the stands go home disappointed. It was an ugly beginning but a happy ending.
I thought it would be a bad when the Brew Crew couldn’t score a run after getting Weeks to third with no outs. Fielder and Braun were impotent in bringing the runs home last night. What has happened to them? Weeks and Hart were doing all the work until Gomez laid down a bunt and then the bottom of the order began to produce.
I was surprised they didn’t bring in Hoffman for the save last night. He has been pitching better as of late. Get him back on the horse and closer to 600.
Funny note that may only amuse me- I was looking for a pair of shorts to wear yesterday that I thought were clean. It was at the game that I realized that the shorts I grabbed that were draped over a chair weren’t freshly laundered. The smokey smell from a campfire gave it away. I wonder if the guy sitting to my left noticed the smoke?
Which reminds me… do some laundry.
Summerfest kicks off today. 11 days of music and food. I feel like a kid hearing the ice cream truck coming. I get to see one of my favorite bands tonight. I am even happier that they moved the Night Ranger show to 8. I don’t have to wait long to see them play. I wonder if they will coordinate the end of the show with the fireworks. Singing You Can Still Rock in America as fireworks go off would be pretty damn cool in my book.

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