Wednesday, June 23, 2010

I need the rain to get out of the area

Another storm ripped through the Milwaukee area last night. It wasn't as bad as what hit us on Monday night. Just a lot of rain.

As I type the sun is trying to peak out from behind the menacing looking clouds. I don't know why. More storms are lined up to take their shot at Wisconsin. It will be one wet day.

I am hoping for a break in the action later today. Tonight's plans are for the Brewers/Twinkies game. It sucks to have to walk in the rain to get inside the ballpark. But at least the game won't be rained out. Suck it Target Field!

I probably should have taken Thursday off of work. I won't get much done, especially in the afternoon. The first day of Summerfest kicks off tomorrow with one of my all time favorites Night Ranger playing at the Classic Rock Stage. I can hardly wait.

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OhCaptain said...

Enjoy the game and SummerFest. Wish I was there. A retractable roof is a neat idea, it's been suggested.