Saturday, June 26, 2010

Panther tilt

It seemed like a great idea. On a whim, jump into a truck and go to Chicago. According to a tweet, Steel Panther was playing the Cubby Bear. I had been speaking to a friend just a couple days ago about seeing SP the next time they played Chi-town. It appeared next time was now.

I was actually at Summerfest when I made the decision to go to Chicago. If the cover band wasn't so terrible I may not have been looking at Twitter in the first place. But there I was heading for the exit and looking for a way to get back to the bar.

We made good time to Chicago. Picked up Maigrey on the way and were soon across the street from that big urinal they call Wrigley Field. We were there! I was about to get to see Steel Panther outside of Vegas!

But it wasn't to be.


It never dawned on me that they would be sold out. All I could do was laugh at that point. We went across the street to Bar Louie and had some drinks laughing about the misfortune. After a couple we decided to go to a different bar. As we passed the Cubby Bear I could hear them playing Turn out the Lights. When we stopped by the front door we could look in and see the band. That was the closest I would get that night.


Another funny thing about last night. We ran into some clown outside the bar saying that Steel Panther was terrible. He was saying that these guys think there are so good and the best ever when they suck. He tried to say that most of the people in the bar didn't like them. I asked him if he understood that the it was all an act. It is a show, not just a band on stage playing music. He claimed he knew it but we are smarter than that. Poor schmuck had no idea what he was getting himself into.

Guess I will have to wait until December to see the Panther now.

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