Monday, June 28, 2010

Sgt. Hulka is in pain

I woke up in pain. My back hurt, my eyes were itching and my right big toe was feeling stiff. Curing the first too is easy. Flip the mattress and consider buying a new one. Wash out my eyes and don’t rub them.
But the toe is a different animal. It is hard to walk on it so I have a hitch in my giddy up today. I have no problems with stairs, just walking like a normal bipod.
As I try to walk normally I notice that in favoring the toe, I am twisting my foot. I hope I don’t become a total clutz and turn my ankle. That could send me on a tilt I have experienced before.
Worse part is I have no clue what happened. I joked about it happening once before and said it was gout. Not I am beginning to think it wasn’t that much of a joke. When I think about it, what have I done in the last couple of days? Drank a lot of beer, ate junk food, and haven’t exercised. Basic research tells me that could lead to an attack.
I am happy it is only affecting one toe. I am sad because the big boss is in town this week and it would be frowned upon to suddenly take the days off or work from home.
Amputation is not off the table yet. I am willing to part with Sgt. Hulka if I can resume a somewhat normal walk.*

*I know I cannot walk normally if I would lose my big toe. I just wanted to put the Stripes reference in because i thought it as funny.


SirFWALGMan said...

Gout hurts like hell but they have good medicine for it now. If it is gout on your toe you will probably feel most of the pain on the joint where the crystal formed then it will radiate outward as things swell and get worse.

You will feel better in like a day if you go to the doctors.. or you can be an idiot like me and spend a couple weeks in worsening pain until you finally HAVE to go to the doctors.

StB said...

As I had mentioned, it happened once before and was gone a couple of days later. I am hoping for the same result as I do not prefer to go to doctors either.

SirFWALGMan said...

It's actually cumulative if it is gout. Like the first bout goes away fast.. then the second stays longer.. I think it starts destroying the joint more every time. Hope you feel better anyways! Keeping shoes off definitely makes it feel better but does not make it go away.