Sunday, June 20, 2010

Thinking Summerfest

JSOnline is kicking off their Summefest coverage today. They have an interesting article from some of their music critics. If find the amusing because their opinion is quite a bit different than mine. They tend to go for the trendy bands and knock some of the classic acts aside like they are wasting time on stage. Plus they simply don't like hard rock music.

So I will follow their outline and give my thoughts on Summerfest.
Tried and true: Bobby Friss. One of the first things I do is look for which Friday and Saturday Bobby is playing. Each year he comes along and rocks the house. Good music and a fun time.

New: Public Enemy. I may go check them out on Friday. It could be a good time.

The coup: The Scorpions. It is good to see them come back to Milwaukee on their farewell tour. It is better to see them at the Harley Stage for free. The crowd will be huge and it will be nuts. Drink accordingly as it will take you extra time getting to and from the restrooms.

You again?: Tom Petty. Seriously. This is like having the BoDeans play at the last minute. Giving Petty two nights is a mistake. Sure they will sell a lot of tickets but I would rather see them go out and get another act.

Wish you were here: The Big 4. It would be great if Metallica had returned and brought Anthrax, Slayer, and Megadeath with them. Instead they are in Europe and we have another night of Petty.

Other thoughts:
What happened to the hair? There aren't any good metal/hair bands playing this year except for Night Ranger and the Scorpions. Cinderella is touring with the Scorps. Why aren't they playing Milwaukee?

Wang Chung? WTF? This may be the funniest act of Summerfest. They are playing a small stage at 4pm on a Saturday. I predict people pack the area just to hear the one song.

In typical fashion, I have gone from no tickets to an excess amount. Its better to have more, but I hope I can sell of what I won't use.

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Anonymous said...

Hey, Wang Chung has 2 songs. Don't forget Dance Hall Days!!