Thursday, July 22, 2010

Keep the weather to yourself

Lots of rain has been dropping on the area today. Buckets came down while I was at work. Being on the top floor you can hear the rain hitting the roof above.

Now I am home and the downpour just started again. Severe weather is moving through the area. How did I know it was coming? The TV kept telling me so.

I may be on the wrong side of the argument but I can tell I really hate the annoying Emergency Alerts that pop up on my TV when something is going on. Every 10 minutes that grating alarm would go off- WAAAA, WAAAA, WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAK- pissing me off as I tried to exercise while watching Top Chef. Thankfully I could just pause the show and wait for the alert to be over because it was a current event. The real pisser is when the alerts go off while you were taping something. You lose those 2 minutes of show and possibly a major part of the story.

Same thing with local TV stations. Do you really need to take away a quarter to a third of the screen to bombard me with weather maps and updates of where the storm is? Hell, most of you have 2 or 3 signals going out. Put a simple crawl on the screen and tell me to tune into Channel 4.3 to get the latest weather update. Let me watch my show. If I want the weather I will go to 4.3.

If we are to believe what the station is telling us, they have apparently spent a lot of money on their fancy weather equipment. That's nice but you don't need to show it off every time the wind pick up.


OMW said...

it is because of the reasons you talk about that I gave up tv over a year ago. there wasn't anything I wanted to see that was worth the aggravation---so, Cold Turkey. Never looked back.
i'm prettyy sure aggravation is spelled wrong.

AletaR said...

yeah and those fancy tornado sirens they put up in this city need to have the volume turned up.