Tuesday, July 13, 2010

No stopping that gob

I was bored last night and flipping through the channels. I came across this show called True Beauty or something. It seemed to be about some 'beautiful people' and whether all they had was looks or whether they were actually good people. Some kind of reality contest show I guess. People judged whether they would win some fake spokesperson position in Vegas.

One scene they judged annoyed me. Basically the contestants (two men, two women) individually would be in an elevator. Two women would enter. One of the women is pregnant.... and smoking!!!!!!!!

OMG the pregnant lady is smoking!!!!! Well that is the reaction they thought these people should have. Furthermore, to have "True Beauty" apparently you must say something to her.

WTF? How about mind your own fucking business!

Sure the lady shouldn't be smoking but who is anyone to go up to a complete stranger and tell them how to live their life, what they can or cannot eat or do when pregnant. This was ridiculous.

Would they find it ok if some Christians would go up to gay people and tell them not to be with the same sex? What's next, telling fat people to put down the Twinkie?

That part of the show ticked me off. The rest of it was just plain stupid. I would call it typical California televisions. People that think they are a lot more important than the rest of the country. Hint: You are being laughed at, not laughed with.

Speaking of things ticking me off, the office candy bowl has a couple packets of little Gobstoppers by Willy Wonka in them. There are like 8 tiny little gobstoppers in each packet.

Who the F*^$ shrunk the gobstopper? The candies are way too small. Those little things are going to stop any gob! It is very misleading to claim they will stop the gob when they won't.

The world is coming to an end.

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AletaR said...

I just put down my twinkie.