Monday, July 12, 2010

A good tired

Sometimes you need a couple days off after a busy weekend. Jumping right back into the work mode is too rough without some down time. I could use a day off.

I had a fantastic weekend with my friend Heather. She came up from Chicago to see the Brewers and get a taste of Milwaukee.

I have to be honest and admit I didn't do too much planning. Sometimes you should have a couple ideas in mind and go with the flow of what sounds good. The Brewers game was on the docket but that was at night. Heather said she wanted to go to the Safe House but that would be good for only a short time. The casino is always an option. Other than that one has to hope a church festival is going on so you can Drink for Jesus.

Well, the only church festival was the polka festival. Sure you can drink beer to a little oom pah pah but it isn't as easy as when a rock band is on stage. Plus my friends had already cleared them of all the raffle meats.

So with little on the agenda we did what one can do in Milwaukee. With beautiful weather we walked around downtown and did some bar hopping. I am not a fan of the downtown scene. Pricey and overblown. You hit up Water Street in your 20s and early 30s. When you get wiser you move on. Thus walking around it amazed me how many places moved or were no longer. I even just about missed the Safe House because what I recall being a parking lot in front of the location was now a building. But I still found it!

Saturday's drinking excusion even led us to one of the traditional bars of Milwaukee, Wolskis. Another place that can be hard to find but once you know where it is you never forget. It all comes back.

Ball game was good as the Brewers won game 2 en route to a sweep of the Pirates. After an abysmal series against the Giants, one just needs Pittsburgh to come to town to make things all right.

Yesterday we took walk through Bastille Days, one of the annual ethnic festivals in Milwaukee. Of all the festivals, Bastille Days may be the weakest. It is more like a food and jewelry bazaar. Lots of good food but most of it isn't French. The only thing that makes this thing French was the mini Eiffel Tower and beignets being served. When the highlight of the day is a guy dressed up as a silver robot- like in New Orleans- you end up with a case of the blahs. It may be another reason why Festa Itliana is so good.

Maybe it was because of the boring of Bastille Days or Heather's wish to watch the World Cup that we ended up in a bar watching sports. Oh, and me going through every craft beer they had on tap at Bar Louis. Had the Rogue, Oso, Magic Hat, Shiner, Leinenkugel, Goose Island, and New Glarus. I was about to take on Europe but the Brewers game had ended. It was time to get some food and get Heather on a train.

So now I am tired and not looking forward to work. Funny how really good weekends do that to you.

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