Thursday, July 29, 2010

Short week

Its a short work week. I find myself working in the off hours just to keep up with missing 2 days of work.

The good think is the 2 days I will miss won't be wasted. The first one was yesterday as I spent the day volunteering for Independence First, a charity that helps the disabled. For helping them set up stuff up and sell raffle tickets, I was rewarded with a meal and a very good speech from the Incredible Hulk himself, Lou Ferigno. Best yet, we were showered with thanks from the organizers and I left feeling pretty damn good.

My other day will be spent getting away for the weekend. From the looks of it, this camping weekend will feature a short squad and lots of Mike Hard Black Cherry Lemonade. Sounds like we will be drinking that stuff like soda all Saturday long. It better taste good as my compadres are buying this stuff like they won't every make it again.

I like a good beer but sometimes the heat dictates one of those fruity malt beverages. I am not afraid to say it either. I like the hard lemonade.

I also may have procured a special shipment of beer for the Gentile Summit next month. I am hoping it goes over like I think it will. Otherwise I may be a bit disappointed.

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