Sunday, August 22, 2010

The after camp shower

The shower after a weekend of camping feels so good. Some around the campfire called it "orgasmic". I don't think I would go that far but it is close.

Especially after this weekend. It was pretty humid out at Lake Kegonsa. It was not just warm but very humid. We were barely out of the truck and setting up the pop-up when I began to feel drenched. Not just on the brow but my arms were dewing up. This could be one ugly, wet, sticky weekend.

But it gets worse. Mosquitos have been pretty bad this summer. Kegonsa seems to incubate more of them and somehow train them to attack. I swear they get used to your bug spray on Saturday night. By then they are thinking of you as an Off/blood cocktail. I think Off becomes Red Bull to them as they just keep coming back.

That is why that shower feels so good. Unlike others, I don't take a shower on the campgrounds. Its only 1 day of not getting cleaned up. I do wash my face and brush the teeth but I pass on getting soaped up. I probably should have this weekend as the humidity was a bitch.

It felt good to get the layers of sweat and bug spray off of me. Now I need to pack for a couple days in downtown Vegas. This should be interesting. I have stayed off of the strip just once (Rio) but never downtown. The anticipation has slowly been building. Now is the time to go have some fun.

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