Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Eye learned a new word

I had my annual eye examination yesterday. For some 30 minutes I blurted out random letters and numbers. I had air blown into my eyes and was blinded by a number of different colored lights. All to make my sight better.

And I learned a new word. Punctate. I am sure some brat out there who won a spelling bee is amazed I didn’t know what punctuate meant but screw you kid because I get to drink. The doctor was using the word to describe the irritation I was feeling. I had explained how it feels like I am getting dust, sand, or whatever airborne microscopic particles you can name in my eyes. It felt like something was getting trapped between the contact lens and my eyeball. This usually happened when I was driving the convertible with the top down but would happen just walking around as well. It had happened in the past but seemed to be more severe this year.

The doc said that the lens was falling to the lower point of my eye and that the edges of the lens were poking my eye. He said there were punctuate marks on my eyes, especially the left. The lens is probably getting a bit dry and causing it to slide and stick. He figures some newer, stronger lens would take care of the trick.

That is what I like about my eye doc. He is a no-nonsense guy. I feel he always puts his patient first. Last couple of times I was in there he told me things were fine. The lenses were in good shape and I didn’t need to get new ones. Now things have changed and it was time to replace them. Hell, I think they are 3 years old so new ones were pretty much needed.

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