Thursday, August 26, 2010

Back into the swing of things

I realized yesterday I should have take the rest of the week off. Going back to catch the last 2 days of the week isn't the best idea. I am not sure why I made that decision. But I did.

The routine is simple. Come back to find a bunch of reports on your desk. Take all the items the cleaning people moved back to your desk. Answer the questions from your co-workers about the trip. You would like to get all of the questions answered at once because you know everyone is going to ask if you won in Vegas. Not having to answer the question 10 times makes it less painful to think of how much you lost.

Onto to email. If I am lucky, it isn't over 250. If over 350, I know the shit hit the fan when I was gone. The worst part of going through email is finding the pertinent messages from the rest of the crap. I always sort by address so I can get rid of the "informational" emails. You know, the weather reports, the newsletters, daily updates, and other crap that is sent. You take extra time with the boss's email and of course, the boss's boss's email. Don't want to delete those by accident and miss something important.

Once email is done you have the important choice. Do you dive in to your work and try to catch up quickly or do you try to ease into your normal routine? I like to ease back in but once in a while I dive in. Today was an ease in day. I checked a number of sites before really getting to work. I perused my calendar to see what meetings were schedule. Only 2 meaningful ones and one that was totally bullshit. One meeting was quite useful even though my team got their asses chewed on by some sales managers. Sad because they blamed us for their own manager's lack of communication.

Tomorrow will be more catch up with some work on Saturday as well. Good news in the boss isn't in. So I can drink some beer as I watch a little football tonight. I may just show up when I feel like it.

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