Monday, August 30, 2010

Back to work

Though I had been drinking for about 8 hours the previous day, I didn't feel too bad on Sunday morning. Maybe it was the water I drank before going to bed. Or maybe it was that I laid on the couch for a couple of hours dozing on and off.

Either way I found myself making a decision at 11:30ish. Stay in and take it easy or check with a buddy about going to Hooters for some wings. I know some of you are thinking it was an easy decision. How could I pass on the opportunity for some wings and beer? See, that involved moving outside of the house. I was in my comfort zone and could have easily put the Brewers game on and putzed around the house. In the end I had the feeling that sitting around like a slug was not a way to end the weekend. Sam Adams and 911 wings were the way to end a weekend.

I hadn't planned on drinking the Sam Adams Octoberfest but the tent on the table caught my eye. Then when the Hooter girl said we get free stuff for drinking it I was sold. So it was one big ass bottle opener- good for camping- and a couple pint glasses, but free stuff is free stuff. Reminds me of the good ole days at PJs where it felt like we were on a game show walking out with all kinds of prizes.

I guess it is no wonder I did sleep well last night. I stayed up late catching up on True Blood. I then figured that since I was up that I should just watch Entourage as well. Before I knew it midnight had come and gone. I tried to sleep then but my gut kept gurgling. I feared I may be spending the night in a sitting position on the porcelain throne. Thankfully I got to sleep and woke up to no leakage. That is a good thing. Sharting in the middle of the night is a bad thing.

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AletaR said...

Not to mention the terrible rash you may have ended up with.