Wednesday, August 04, 2010

The shame

I was reminded of my shame early this morning. The garage door opened revealing the monstrosity that is the Silhouette. Ugh! I can’t believe I have to drive this thing.
It really wasn’t an option. My truck’s battery was dead. There is some flaw in the wiring that slowly drains the battery when it is driven every day. I didn’t have a charger on it so I had to drive the dreaded minivan.
I tried to slink down in the seat so I wouldn’t be seen but that was hard to do. I opted for the hope that people wouldn’t think of connecting me with the vehicle. They might look at it twice and think no, no way was that StB driving. There should be no pictures either.
I was relieved when I pulled into my spot today. No one was around to see me get out of the vehicle. Even better, the normal entrance is closed due to flood repair so people that would normally walk by my car wouldn’t. I have had people ask in the past where the car is when I have had a loaner. Scary that so many people know which car is mine.
I just need to make it past the walk out. I am hoping my meeting with the boss does not last the entire hour. If I get out at 15 minutes to the hour I can sneak out without being seen. Then I am home free and will be driving my baby.
I would give my friend a piece of my mind but I am grateful to have a free loaner. It is much easier for us both to allow them to have all day to do whatever work is required. Got the call and was told they did the oil change and an inspection without finding any other pressing needs. Should be good to go on a trip to Minnesota next week.

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AletaR said...

I could think of two people off hand that you could have shuttled to work in that chick magnet you were loaned. Hopefully your Mustang will be done before your trip to Minnesota. Hopefully.