Tuesday, August 03, 2010

A blow to the ego

Things were going very well for me today. Workload wasn't as bad as I thought and I plowed right through end of the month items quicker than expected. Reports went out and it looks like July is done.

I was able to set an appointment for a haircut and some routine car maintenance. Things were just peachy. It all fell right into place.

And just like that it all fell apart.

I peaked when I encountered little traffic after work. The drive to the auto garage was quick. I made the light at the exit ramp easily, something that never happens and leads to a 5 minute wait.

I pull the key off the ring and place it on the counter. The owner of the shop- I usually deal with the manager- asks if someone is picking me up. Strange, I think. They are supposed to have a car for me. I mention that and he agrees. He pulls out the insurance waiver and tosses me some keys. Like twisting a dagger in my back he tells me he doesn't have a car but has a van for me.

A van?

He says to take the Silhouette out front. Silhouette? I am supposed to try a vehicle called a Silhouette?

I go from driving a nice convertible Mustang to a mini van in one fell swoop. Ego blown to bits.

It went downhill from there. I was told to call my underground barber before heading over for my appointment. I try but get a busy signal. This last for 30 minutes. Just as I am about to give up I finally reach him. But now my evening is ruined. I had hoped to drive over to mow my mother's lawn but that window has closed.

Now I am contemplating whether to drive my truck or the minivan to work tomorrow. I don't want to be seen in that thing. I guess I could always park it way in the back of the lot. I do get there early enough in the morning to park without being seen.


AletaR said...

Maybe you could volunteer for the car pool.

Drizztdj said...

Don't forget the baby car seats and fruit snacks!