Thursday, August 12, 2010

Summit bound

The Gentile Summit is upon us. The festivities are taking place in Minneapolis this year.

That is all I can say about it.

I have a drive ahead of me today. Been contemplating whether to drive with the top down or up. From what I have read one gets better gas mileage with the top up and it is recommended for longer commutes. There isn't as much drag on the car. Plus with it being hot and sunny, if I can avoid a sunburn. I think I will drive the majority of the trip with the top up and maybe take it down when I get into the city and don't have as much freeway driving.

My liver should be in good shape for the trip. I am looking forward to trying some new beers up there. I am hoping Minnesota can show me something beside Surly and Summit. In return, I have a case of an "import" I acquired for the boys as well as an assortment of other beers from New Glarus, Rogue, and Magic Hat, and Breckinridge. I may stop by the border and get some Leinenkugels as well. If I can find the Leinie's original in a bottle that is. Do they even bottle regular Leinenkugels?

Also hoping the weather cooperates. Maybe we will get lucky and it is umbrella night at Target Field.

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