Monday, August 09, 2010

Them bastages at Coleman

It's been close to a month and I finally received a response from the crappy campers at Coleman. Remember my beef? My broken chair still stands in the corner. Funniest part, Coleman is blaming me for it not being fixed.

When they contacted me nearly a month ago, they wanted me to send the fabric in. They promised some form would be sent. I never received it. Now they are saying I should have sent the chair back. Funny, you never told me where to send the chair. I have no address or instructions on where the chair should go. I know where I would like to put it.

It appears I may have to spend my money to send them their defective chair. That makes me a bit upset. I have requested they reimburse me for the cost of sending them the chair. I have to find a box or some container that will hold the thing to start and then it will probably be at least $15 to send it.

If they do not cover my cost, I will continue to fight. I have no problems firing off some letters to higher ups in the company or raising a stink on line. It is the principle damnit.

All they had to do was send me a chair. I would have put the old chair in the same package and sent it back. They should trust me to send it back. After all, I trusted them to make a good product.

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