Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Diary of Not Camping Day 1

My friends took off for a week of camping in the southeast corner of the state yesterday. Work prevented me from joining them. Since I can't be there physically I figured I could join them in spirit and report how things are going.

The drive from Milwaukee out to Yellowstone Lake State Park is just over 2 hours. That is if you don't hit traffic around the beltline in Madison. Good thing we left early so it wasn't too bad. Slow around some of the construction but it was manageable.

The destination is in the middle of farmland. To me farmland is different from being in the country. The country is lots of open land with no buildings. Fields and trees as far as the eye can see. You whiz by it on the freeway.

Farmland is just that. Farms. It is dealing with tractors, hay balers, and shit spreaders that go bumbling down the highway as the farmer goes from one plot of land to another. The highway doesn't go through the land as much as it goes around the land. The road is dictated by where the farmer's field ends so you get a lot of 90 degree turns around the corn fields.

Eventually you hit the small towns that still look old but with modern touches here and there. There is always a tavern on the corner across from the gas station. There might be a auto dealer in town showing off 10 cars. Don't blink because you may miss them. They are rarely longer than 20 city blocks.

Weather was going to be an issue today. It hailed by my house before we left. Looked like some nasty weather was ahead. Rain and high winds were possible so getting a tent up was going to be a bitch. Plus it was going to be a cold one. Down to the 40s at night. Getting firewood was a top priority in my mind.

It did rain later in the night and the Jack & Cokes hit the table. Some don't drink as much on these week long trips but I do. I needed a warm feeling in my belly with the cool weather upon us. That is why I had brought along some brandy. A couple nips would keep me warm. At least that is what I kept telling myself though I learned long ago that alcohol actually lowers your body temperature, not heat it up.

We may it through the rain and winds with no one getting too bent out of shape. Hopefully I don't freeze my ass off tonight.

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