Monday, September 06, 2010

Another drunken weekend

This past weekend ended up being a drunken adventure with friends of different stages of my life. It is strange the way that ended up. I went from drinking with college buddies to work friends to my current crowd.

Friday ended up being a college reunion of sorts. A friend had just moved back to the state and was down in Milwaukee for a couple of days. He has been going through a rough stretch of unemployment and was forced to regroup back home. So it made sense to go see him again before he heads up north. Little did I know he would be half in the bag when I got there.

Seems like he was out drinking earlier in the day. As we waited for dinner, he figured that Jack on the rocks with a beer chaser was a good appetizer. Let me stress the Jack part. He was hardly touching the beer, only drinking it when he had to wait for the bartender to refill his glass.

Soon he had his shine totally on. Sadly, he became an angry drunk, crashing into things when he went outside to smoke. Then he started yelling at his girlfriend, claiming she was flirting with everyone. Granted the girl was acting like an excited puppy seeing people for the first time but it was uncalled for him to treat her the way he did.

Hopefully I will see some of them again soon. Turns out one couple is into drinking craft beers. I told them about the bars around me and their ears lit up. Plus my buddy wants to raid my music collection. I may send them an email today.

Saturday was a bit more low key. Hell, it was cold out. I ended up drinking at the house of a co-worker. Tyranena beer and rum seemed to make up the menu. I ended up crashing a bit before heading out in the wee hours of the morning with a slight headache.

The weekend ended with live music. In the rain. WTF? Rain was not in the forecast but it managed to rain on and off most of the night. The band got their sets in and we had a good time. I see the offshoot of this group is playing next month in Waukesha. Been waiting all summer for them to list a gig.

My gang is leaving today to go camping. Work prevents me from going for the week. I hope they have a good time. Weather looks to be on the cool side. I also hope it doesn't hail on them. Hail was coming down early this morning. That would totally ruin any trip.

I think I am going to take it easy today. Unless I get a call. Then my plans could change.

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Hey Jo said...

Your gang misses you here at camp.