Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Other car buying thoughts

You may want to read the previous post about my attempt at buying a new car before reading this post. This is just some additional thoughts I had. I could have included them yesterday but I wanted to watch the latest episode of Weeds.

And before I jump in, I finally watched the final of Master Chef. Interesting Ramsey cooking show that I enjoyed. Best part was watching the little lady from Mississippi win it all. The girl is only 22 buy has natural instincts in the kitchen. She seemed like a longshot on the first episode but quickly showed how to cook in the first challenge. She had one or two weak moments but was very solid throughout the competition. Amazing cook there.

Ok, onto that failed buying experience. There are a couple of things I forgot to mention. The sales lady I was dealing with was somewhat new to the company. I asked her how long she had been selling Nissans and she admitted she had just started. She used to sell Cadillacs. Now some may say I should cut her some slack being a new salesperson but I would disagree. Selling is selling and she wasn't selling me anything.

There were two things that annoyed me yesterday. First, I wasn't made to feel comfortable as I waited. It took her 45 minutes to play with the computer, get me an offer for my trade in, and still in the end, I didn't walk out with a sheet showing details.

Second, there was no offer of soda/coffee/water. There was no lounge with a television. There wasn't an apology or acknowledgement of how long it was taking. She just kept putzing along with what she was doing. I was wandering around the showroom looking at other vehicles. Heck I felt like buying a used car because I would know how much it actually was!

Maybe I am off base here. Maybe they don't offer soft drinks to get you into a buying mood. Maybe they don't want to find ways to keep you from leaving the dealership. Maybe they feel like they don't need to sell you the car in some concept of pressure free sales.

But they would still need to have the car. Emails they had sent indicated they did. My sales lady said they didn't. I feel like I am back to square one. But that may be a good thing.

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SirFWALGMan said...

I think the current "sales" method is to get you so tired and frustrated that you just buy something so you do not have to do that again.