Thursday, September 23, 2010

Drive in the 'burbs

I had to make a trip to the northern suburbs of Milwaukee yesterday. I went through one small town, a village and then another small town. It is a very rural area consisting of farms or some rather new subdivisions.

As I drove down these roads, I noticed a recurring pattern outside these homes. There were quite a number of signs in the yards showing support for Republican candidates Scott Walker and Ron Johnson. Some were the small yards signs while others were much bigger.

It reminded me of my walk to the polls and how different the people in the suburbs were from my neck of the woods. It was the exact opposite. Where I could count the number of signs supporting a conservative candidate on one hand in my neighborhood, I wouldn’t even need a finger to count the support for a liberal candidate on my drive.

There were none. I didn’t see a single sign for Tom Barrett during my drive. And I was looking for one. Same thing for Russ Feingold. From my totally not scientific observations, no one is supporting these two just north of Milwaukee. It would appear the polls are pretty accurate right now.

Let me add this though. I did look around my neighborhood as I drove in today. The yards that have signs up for a local candidate for state office do not have any signs for Barrett or Feingold either. The only yard I have seen a sign for these candidates is the one just a couple houses down and those were up before the primary.

The winds are changing, and in my opinion, much for the better.

And now for something completely different...

I came home to a message on my answering machine- yes I still have one of those- from a person at the dealership I had been to the other night. They want me to call them and talk about my experience, whether I came in and test drove a car, and how everything was. I am wondering if I should call back and tell them my tale. I usually believe in providing feedback but in this case I am hesitant. I feel that my comments could get someone bashed by their boss or even worse, fired.

One thing I didn't mention. The same dealership had sent me an email with prices for the same model but with different options. The prices they had were very good. I mean very very good. I did email the sales manager listed on the email last week. To this day, I have not heard back from him either. Again, it goes back to this weird feeling they don't want to sell me a car.

Tell me if you want me to call them back. Believe me, it won't be pretty for them to hear. I would have no problem flat out telling them I would not be buying this vehicle from them and it was probably an easy sale. Furthermore, unless they could really give me an awesome deal, that I would not feel comfortable coming back to their showroom.

I probably will call this person back. I am curious to see if she will actually work to get my business. In the meantime I am going to call another dealer in town. They gave me a similar quote for the same vehicle. I am hoping they can beat the price for the options I want. That is if they have the car. Searching their website shows me that they do not have one on the lot. I would have to go up a level which is $3k more I wasn't wanting to spend.

Funny thing with the new dealer, I did email them while I waited at the other dealership on Tuesday. I haven't heard from that guy yet. Granted it is just a full day but it is beginning to make me wonder if I have been blackballed by the local Nissan dealerships.


AletaR said...

I say answer it and be truthful.

TerriLou said...

Totally inappropriate for an off-topic comment here, I know, but did you get my text? I dont know how else to get in touch with you. I have 48 hours or less in Milwaukee and thought it would be cool to quaff some meade or something. Maybe I'll have to check with Al that I correctly have your number.

Terri Lou