Sunday, September 12, 2010

Random bar fun

Another year of Drinking for Jesus has come and gone. It was a decent year. Not one that will be talked about in years to come but one that was satisfying.

St. Gregory the Great is always the last festival of the year. It is a good setup. Three stages on the grounds give you a good variety of music. Last night was a good example. On one stage you had a rock band, the Barbeez. On another stage in the back was a country band, Chasin Mason. On the largest stage was Milwaukee's douchiest band, the Toys.

My friend Rohn- name changed to protect the not so innocent- had invited a chick he met at the bar to join us. She was a nice girl. A bit quiet at first but she loosened up a bit. We were having a good time listening to the band and chatting up people.

Until Rohn lit a cigarette. Then everything changed. It was like someone flicked the off switch on this girl. She went from having a good time to being pissy and upset. All because of a cigarette. I don't know why. Maybe she has family that has had issues with tobacco. I frankly don't care. I was just shocked that she freaked out like that.

It made for an interesting turn in the night. Though Rohn said it didn't bother him, I could tell it did. She left about 20 minutes after the light up. Rohn suggested we leave when the Barbeez finished the second set. If he doesn't want to stay around for more music then something is bothering him.

As we drove down the street I decided to have some fun. I told him we were going to stop into some random bar on the way back. Rohn should have kept his mouth quiet because he asked if a particular joint was still around. Second later I saw it up on the right and was pulling to the curb. He got kinda mad but I was already walking into the bar.

I wish I hadn't. It was dead. Not a soul in the place except for the bartender. Now you would think he'd be happy to have some business. Not this guy. He grunted as he got off his stool to get us some beers. Rohn said he wanted to leave after we finished the beer. Not a problem. But then he bought some shots. WTF? Later he would say the booze tasted funny. Well of course it did. The guy had to reach into the far depths of the cooler to find the stuff you wanted.

We ended up at the dive bar. I hadn't seen the bartender in a while and got caught up with him. The economy was already beginning to do a number on the bars but the smoking ban is becoming the nail in the coffin. Taverns are suffering and many may soon be out of business. It makes me cry.

I also didn't need to notice some people trying to have sex in the stall in the men's room. Seriously. Why do you think the best place to get it on is the bathroom? Go outside between the building at least. Sheesh!

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