Thursday, September 02, 2010

They are out to get him

As we move into September, the ads are beginning to be more frequent. It is like the light has been turned on and the roaches are scrambling to get their message out. Vote for me! Vote for me!

I do hate election season.

I have noticed a couple calls coming in from the same numbers on the phone. Doing a little research on the net shows me it is the Democratic Party calling with some kind of pitch. They sure are wasting their time with me.

I may answer the phone the next time they call and have a conversation with them. I could get some fun out of it.

One race that I could care less in has to do with a local politician. Apparently I live in Senate District 7 for the State of Wisconsin. The current rep is Jeff Plale. I do not know much about him except he has a D after his name. Now that I look at his state website, I see his office appears to be 2 blocks from my house. Interesting.

But not as interesting as the hard on some liberal Wisconsin PAC has for him. Since mid August, I have received something in the mail railing against Senator Plale. These people want him out of office in a terrible way. Beginning this week, I have begun to receive mail from a group that supports Plale. So the bottom line is a am getting mail bombed by a couple liberal groups. Now I love me a liberal on liberal fight. Watching them swing their purses at each other is entertaining but I don't want to have to clean up the mess they leave behind.

Having seen who his opponent is, I would actually vote for Plale if there wasn't a conservative opponent. Jess Ripp will get my vote. I love how his answers are opposite of what the two liberals say in the Bay View Compass. Hopefully he will get some funding and be able to make a real contest out of this as the two libs bash each other.

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