Tuesday, September 14, 2010

A walk to the polls

I returned from placing my vote. I don't necessarily vote in every single election. I skip some of the very minor primaries when there isn't a candidate that I like. I probably vote in 90% of the elections.

Part of why is it gives me a reason to walk through my neighborhood. It is an older part of town that I find fascinating. I really should walk around and take pictures of some of the houses I go by. Some are amazing, some are just old, and some stick out like a sore thumb. The one level ranch I pass by looked hideous and out of place. You could tell it was built within the last 10 years. Whoever put that building up should be ashamed. On the other hand I noticed a house that was just built but made to look like it belonged in the neighborhood. It had a style that showed it was new- and expensive- but it could blend in. You noticed it but only after it caught you eye because it looked like other houses on the block.

My part of town is liberal. Actually, it is very liberal. The majority of yard signs were for a lefty for the Wisconsin Senate. He is one of the guys who has been paper bombing my mailbox. I would never vote for the guy. He is the epitome of a tax and spend liberal. But the people around here favor him. In fact, I saw only 1 sign for his opponent, the incumbent.

How liberal is the area I live in? I saw more signs for the Democratic race for Sheriff than I saw Republican signs for governor. Hell, I saw more For Sale and For Rent signs than I saw for any conservative candidate. For the record, that total was 3.

I also saw a flattened squirrel on the sidewalk. I was tempted to take a picture of the carcass but passed. I wonder what got him. Did he get run over by a bike? I figure the family of foxes took him out for dinner a couple nights back.

Time to celebrate Milwaukee Beer Week with some local flavor, Sprecher Hefe Weiss.

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