Thursday, October 07, 2010


A warm front moved into the area on Wednesday leaving the greater Milwaukee area with beautiful October weather. Perfect for putting the top down and grabbing as much sun before putting the convertible away for the winter.

Fall is kinda sad season for me. Putting the Mustang away bring on a somber feeling. I love driving my car. Giving it up for 5 months isn't easy, but it makes springtime that much sweeter.

It was 68 degrees out when I left work. 68 degree in fall is different than 68 degrees in spring. Some of you eggheads will say it doesn't matter what season it is. 68 is 68. To that I say you don't own a convertible.

68 degrees is warmer in the spring. 68 in the fall is somewhat cool. Think about it. Coming off of cold weather, 68 is nice. It is hot. It is time to drop the top, put the shorts on, and drive around for no reason other than feeling the sun shine on your face.

68 in the fall is cooler. The hot weather is going away. It is a bit more brisk as the leaves fall into the car. It still feels good but not as great as spring.

But I'll take it. Weather looks like more top down driving this weekend. Looks like I won't go totally Rogue for at least a week.

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