Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Keep the records public

JSOnline has an interesting article about Wisconsin court records today. In it they mention the CCAP system that allows anyone to perform a search on cases in the state. The system makes each court case record available to the public.

Some people are whining that employers and landlords may be misusing the system. They claim discrimination. Though no actual numbers are being used- aka facts- we cannot tell if this is a real problem or just some whiney advocates who want to protect criminals. They also think the public is too stupid to understand what the records tell us.

As a landlord, I use this tool whenever I am renting out my flat. I believe it is quite valuable in helping me find a tenant that I am comfortable with and will pay the rent without any incident. I did not offer my apartment to one person mainly because they did records that indicated they were violent. Someone may call it discrimination, I call it being smart, sensible, and safe.

I should not allow some stranger to dictate who I can and cannot rent my property. Even if they were found not guilty, the case gives me some indication of who they are. I am smart enough to figure out whether it is a risk I may take. It is all about the decision making process.

Let it be known that my current tenant did not have a clean record either. I took a risk and have paid for it. But overall I am content with who is occupying my apartment.

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