Monday, October 25, 2010

Amazed by the technology

I am amazed at the technological advances in the medical world. I am not talking about finding cures for disease; that is an era of wonder in itself. I am talking about the diagnostic tools you family doctor has at his/her disposal in their office.

I thought it was cool to stare at the inside of my eyeball at the optometrist. Seeing the veins and blotches and learning what it meant. Today I was looking at xrays of my teeth within seconds as the hygenist zapped me.

As soon as she put the big lead vest over me I was entranced by the process. Next those little carboard wing things were jammed in my mouth. She then stepped outside to take the xray. If she is leaving the room, I wonder what good that lead vest does. She took the carboard plants out of my mouth and quickly placed them into a machine. I assume it was a scanner. The rectangle was sucked in and seconds later the xrays were on the screen.


My amazement wouldn't last long. Soon I was laid prone on my back as they got the weapons of tooth destruction out. For all the technological advances I had seen, the best way to clean my teeth was those little hook things getting jammed into each individual tooth. Scraping away hasn't been replaced by a laser?

She was impressed with my teeth. Well, as impressed as she could be. There has been improvement along the gum line. I still have a long way to go. It makes me wish I hadn't spent 15 years between dental visits. Embarrassment was a big factor, but I got over it. People, go see a dentist twice a year. You will feel better. Especially if you are paying for it at work through your insurance.

The dentist reminded me that my wisdom teeth have to go. She says it isn't an immediate thing but recommends it get done. I may set something up for after football season. As long as my insurance covers it.

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Hey Jo said...

One think my dentist told me years ago is that between dentists and eye doctors they can detect many medical issues before a regular doctor can.

By looking at your eyes, gums, etc. they can detect heart problems, diabetes and other issues long before they may show other symptoms.

He also told me that if my dad had been going to a dentist regularly, his mouth cancer would have been caught at least a year before it actually was diagnosed.