Tuesday, October 26, 2010

This really blows

Milwaukee is in the middle of a massive windstorm. It began early Tuesday morning and is suppose to last until the early evening of Wednesday. It's not everyday you wake up to tornado watches.

A storm like this is going to cause damage. It is the unfortunate consequence of 50-60 mile per hour winds. The local rag has pictures of what has happened so far. I am not sure why they include a pic of some old guy. Did he get blown into the doorway?

Driving in winds like this can be interesting and challenging. Especially when you drive over a high rise bridge. With the wind hitting the broadside of the car, you had to hold tight and keep pushing it to the right. It is tricky when you are not only keeping your car in its lane but also making sure the van in front of you stays in his lane and doesn't jerk into the car next to him causing a pileup you can't avoid.

I am hoping for no damage at my house. A couple years back a similar storm caused a bit of roof damage. So far I just have every leaf in the block in my yard and a couple of garbage cans knocked into the alley. Keeping my fingers crossed that raking is the worst thing that happens.

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AletaR said...

Here's the scoop on the old man standing in his doorway.

Norman Miller, 89, of Sturtevant didn't have time to get out of bed before the tornado passed by his home Tuesday, narrowly missing his house near the intersection of Durand and Oakes. Miller lost his barn, and there was minor damage to his house.