Tuesday, November 09, 2010

I'll take a different shot

It was flu shot day at work. Present your company health care card and get shot up with a dead virus. Do and you won't get the flu.

Bullshit I say.

The only thing worse that the flu shot are the people insisting you get a flu shot. I don't get a flu shot because I never catch the flu. If I feel I am getting sick, I invoke the cure and pour some whisky in to my belly. It works. The only people is doesn't work for are the one who don't follow the instructions. But that is a different story.

Again, I say getting a flu shot is ridiculous and there is some science to back me up. Even if you get a flu shot, you may get the flu because the shot you got may not be for the flu you get. That sentence seems funny. With so many strains of the flu, the flu juice being pumped into your arm may not be the disease that runs rampant this winter.

Or, the shot may not take. Your body may not react to the dead virus or may not have a strong reaction that is needed to boost your immune system to the level needed. Beside, if you are healthy, you probably don't need the shot anyway.

That is why I say pass on the flu shot for a whisky shot. It won't hurt and will make you feel and warm and fuzzy inside.

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