Sunday, November 07, 2010

The Sad Routine

Its 10 past 9 in the morning. I just got finished raking leaves. Raking leaves before 9 on a Sunday morning. Sheesh! All in what may be a futile effort. The wind was picking up as I finished the sidewalk. I watched leaves blow right back to where they were just five minutes ago.

I stood there and wondered what the heck I was doing.

I could have been up in Green Bay with my friends. They are going to the Cowboys/Packers game tonight. I was offered many a ticket but declined. Did I stay home because the Cowboys are stinking up the joint? No. I turned down these tickets weeks ago. I guess I could still go but because the Boys are stinking I would rather stay home and watch it with my friends.

The other factor is what I call the Sad Routine. Having gone to the games with these guys the last couple years I noticed the routine that happens every weekend they head north. And it is sad. Last night it was confirmed with some texts about someone chipping their tooth and being pissed because there was no apology.

Glad I am not missing that as I usually end up being the intermediary. Hell, I ended up being called in as a intermediary though I am 100 miles south.

This is the Sad Routine: Get up there early on Saturday to watch the Badgers game. Consume big beers during the game. Check into hotel. Decide what to do. Translate that to "decide where to go drink some more as the buzz is dying down and there is nothing to do in Green Bay beside go to a bar". Head across the street to the one of the bars. Watch some more football and drink more big beers. Figure out if anyone is hungry and wants supper. Talk about going downtown.

Heading downtown is usually where the Sad Routine kicks into high gear. Head to a bar that has Triple Cripple. 3 for 1 beers and shot when you joining their "club". My friend always joins the club. Hell, nowadays they just assume he is in the club and give him threefors anyways. When the shots start flowing, the stupidity takes over. Arguments ensue and someone gets extremely pissed. There is a falling out and they go to separate corners to brood. One says the other won't listen while the other says its always his fault. One guy doesn't want to get involved and I would end up trying to get these two to settle down and put it behind them.

It is a sad routine that happens every year. Every year. Thus when I got a text saying that someone knocked their beer bottle when he was taking a drink and it resulted in a chipped tooth I couldn't help but shake my head. The Sad Routine strikes again.


Hey Jo said...

That used to piss Randy off to no end. He hated doing that every weekend they went up there.

Every year he would say that he was going to give up his ticket. I think his love for football overpowered his dislike of the bickering between them.

AletaR said...

All I can say is they took my subs and promised to bring them to the staduim to tailgate. Must have been arguing so much they forgot them.