Friday, November 12, 2010


How can one not like a good zombie show?

Seriously. What is there to not like about the living dead? Flesh eating loved ones risen from the dead that can't wait to rip your guts open and gobble down your intestines. Now that is entertainment!

Zombies are the one lovable monster you can actually live with. For the most part they can be contained. They don't move very fast. They are relatively quiet except for some moaning. And they can easily be killed. Shoot them in the head or give them a good whack with a baseball bat.

I think it outweighs the bad qualities of the zombie. They smell. They get in the way. They will continue to come at you until they are killed or eat you. Yep, that would be the big downsize from keeping them as a pet. They will eat you.

I bet if zombies were real there would be some guy out there who would be trying to keep one as a pet. We have people trying to keeps tigers and chimpanzees as pets. We have people who think they can live with bears and wolves. I think it isn't beyond reason to think some dope would want a zombie as a pet it they could.

So why the zombie talk? It has to do with the show on AMC, the Walking Dead. Zombies are alive (well, actually not) and well in Georgia and they are taking over the state. The show has had only two episodes but it seems to be pretty damn good. It also has the one thing all good zombie shows need. Plenty of blood and gore. You cannot make a show or movie about zombies without some intestine eating going on or blood splattering out of a zombie skull. Those are prerequisites.

I am digging the Walking Dead. But it may be for reasons beyond the story line. I actually have more questions about what they haven't addressed. I figure they will begin to answer questions over the next couple of weeks. But I don't think they will answer MY questions.

For example, we don't know what caused the zombies to rise in the first place. My guess is this gets answered at the end of season 1 or is the lead into season 2. To me, that isn't that important and it doesn't seem to matter to the writers either. Survival is what is key right now. Background on what caused this is minor.

See what I really want to know is, how the hell do you leave someone behind in a hospital but grab clothes and pictures when you evacuate your town? Guy wakes up in a hospital to find it abandoned and bodies lined up outside. He was in for a gun would but apparently was there for a number of weeks. Did he fall into a coma? Really? From would on his body?

Its bad enough to wake up wondering where the hell you are. Been there after a night of drinking. What I want to know is what his wife as thinking? Must get out of this town immediately. Grab some clothes for me and the boy. Grab the pictures off the wall and the photograph book. Grab canned food. Get in car and skeedaddle. I picture her cruising out of town thinking "hmm.... did I forget something? I hope I didn't leave the iron on..."

C'mon lady! You were able to grab photos of your husband but couldn't go to the hospital and toss him in the back of the car and transport him to safety? For crying out loud you have pictures of him. You could have gotten HIM!

Now some would say she meant to do this. She did it on purpose because of the affair with his...wait for it... partner! Yep, she is shagging with his police buddy, the guy he trusted. Sad.

I am looking forward to the new episode this Sunday. Good show I recommend. Check it out.

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SirFWALGMan said...

Chicks are always forgetting shit.