Sunday, November 14, 2010

Hope and Change Cowboy fans can believe in

Dez Bryant gives us hope. Jason Garrett gave us change.

Been a long time since I have had a very content feeling on a Sunday. The Dallas Cowboys made fans happy- something that has been very rare this season- with a pretty solid win against the Giants in the Meadowlands. They played well in the first half, building a lead and never looking back. Any time the Giants scored, the Cowboys came back with a TD of their own. Add in an interception to kill any chance of a Giants comeback and a nice fat W is added to their record.

Where was this team last week?

This past week was painful. The terrible effort on the field against the Packers was beyond bad. FUBAR. I figured I would get the usual razzing at work. But I didn't. In fact, it was worse.

I was pitied. My coworkers felt sorry for me and that half ass performance. It made me feel even worse. Hell, my father even called and felt sorry for me and my favored team. Rock bottom.

Today's performance was great, but one game doesn't mean much. It would be nice to see them do it again next week. The Lions go to Dallas in what should be a chance to keep things going. But the Lions give the Cowboys fits. I am glad it appears Stafford won't be playing.

Happy to know I will sleep well this Sunday night. Thanks to Dez and Jason.

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