Saturday, December 04, 2010

Getting back to normal

It was a piddling amount of snow on the ground this morning. Maybe an inch. Nothing like the 3-6 I was warned about.

But that's ok. I am not complaining. It was only 10 minutes of my life shoveling it away. I rather have this every other day than having to dig out of a foot of snow.

So glad this week is over. It was a team building week. People from around the country came to town and days were spent in meetings. I don't mind them. Got to meet a lot of people and had some good times.

But the downside is being behind and work and feeling sluggish. I got no exercise in the second half of the week and I could feel it. It was like some stuck a cork in my colon. I don't think I shat for 3 days. Thus I am looking forward to getting on the bike and riding in a couple of hours. Get my innards moving again. I am hoping I don't have to bring out the big guns but will be making a pot of chili later just in case.

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