Thursday, December 16, 2010

Reality bites

Two of my favorite reality shows, The Amazing Race and Hell’s Kitchen, have come to an end once again. I feel like each one ended on a down note. Well, at least the Amazing Race did. I only caught the last couple minutes of Hell’s Kitchen because my DVR wasn’t taping it. Damn you American Ninja!!! SPOILER ALERT. Stop now if you didn’t watch and do not want to know the answer because I will talk about it down the way.
I am content with who won the Amazing Race. I would have preferred the shopping channel hosts had won but am fine with the doctors winning. I just didn’t want the jackwagon from Notre Dame to win. He was quite pompous in the beginning and was someone to instantly dislike. Everything was about Notre Dame and how he had done everything and was better because he went to Notre Dame. I think he didn’t graduate because he really had little intelligence. Unless that is what it takes to graduate from Notre Dame. He also had this kind of vibe that he should win because he is a guy.
The other disappointing thing about the Amazing Race ending was it seemed rather easy. Bungee jump, put flowers on a parade float, find a studio and say hi to Bob Eubanks before the traditional ‘recall where you have been’ roadblock, and then a quick jaunt through bad traffic to the end. I thought the other years had a couple more stops in them. That would have made it a real race to the end. Instead the doctors got out of the airport early and never had a chance of being caught.
Now they are looking forward to the next season in February where they bring back people who didn’t win the Race. I am hoping the contestants shown are not the actual people running the Race. To say they are “people’s favorites’ is very misleading. I don’t want to see the Vegas tattoo people again. He was a jackass. Same with the singing dudes. I rather not have to watch the Halloween freaks either. There was one other couple that annoyed me as well but I cannot recall them.
On the flip side, I thought the Harlem Globetrotters coming back is good as well as the shopping girls. The two Cowboy brothers were entertaining as well. The rest are just filler.
As I mentioned, I missed Hell’s Kitchen. It didn’t dawn on me until 8:50 that it was on. I checked my DVR and saw it wasn’t being tape. That pissed me off. I did see who won and was very happy to see Nona win. I think she is a terrible chef and got lucky. I just didn’t want to see that prick Russell win the contest. He is a classless, arrogant, chauvinistic, and unprofessional. Actually all of them are unprofessional. I cannot recall how many times they referred to their food as ‘shit’. Really. It was “we have to get this shit out of here” or “I need to push this shit out”. I would get up and leave if I heard the person cooking my food refer to it as shit. Worse yet, I wouldn’t hire anyone from this show because of that simple fact.
Anyhoo, that jerkoff Russell lost and immediately blamed everyone else. He whined to his dad that he was sabotaged. Really? Damn, then I missed a good show! But he wasn’t done yet. He then claimed that no one on his team would every cook in a city where he worked because he would get them blackballed. Great, this assclown is also making threats. You have no standing in the cooking world. How are you going to get people blackballed you moron? Just another reason you should be flipping burgers somewhere.

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