Friday, December 17, 2010

Just when I think I am out, they drag me back in

I just finished wrapping presents for tomorrow family get together. I thought I was done but I am not. Two gifts have not arrived. Worse yet, the shipping codes do not appear to be valid so I can't track them.

Then I found out I forgot a gift card for my sister. Shit!

Thankfully there is a Walgreens down the street.

I did learn a lesson today though. Do not go to the food store in the late morning. That is when all the old people are there. I felt like I was in an episode of that zombie show, the Walking Dead. Old people bumbling down the aisles, slowly pushing their carts, not uttering a word. Some of them bundled up tight in their winter jackets while others look like their should visit the beauty aisle and buy a brush.

The worse part of old people shopping is that they have this sense of entitlement. They block the aisles as they peruse the shelf. Say "Excuse me?" as you try to get buy and you get a "harumph!" in return. I have a lot of patience and respect for my elders but some people really push it.

And you don't want to get behind them at the cash register. They will take the time to go over each item as it is being rung up and question most prices. If you are ahead of them, they cannot wait to get their groceries on the conveyor or their cart towards the bagging area.

I managed to survive though. Just an annoyance. But it puts the Who's lyrics into a better light. Hope I die before I get old.

Now off to Walgreens!

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